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Phone Support


A lot of companies do not offer phone support.  That's one of the reasons DeWitt IT is #1 when it comes to customer service.  We offer phone support to our customers on a contract basis.  Of course if you purchase any of our support plans, this feature is included at no extra cost.  We do not require you to fill in a form only to get a generic response in your inbox stating that someone will address your issue in one to three days.  We address the issue as it is happening with no excuses.  We value our customers and and know that if we are not doing our job, they can't do theirs.  Again, we take great pride in what we do.  We want to be your  "IT Sharpshooters".


We offer phone support contracts to small business customers on several levels.  You may only need us occasionally or you may find you need us on a regular basis.  I am sure we have a phone support plan that fits your companies needs.  



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