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Remote Support


DeWitt IT offers 2 different types of remote support.  We understand that most small businesses have between one and one hundred employees and most cannot afford a full time technician on their payroll.  They still need the same type of support that larger companies need and need their issues resolved quickly and cost effectively.  To solve this issue, we offer two different types of remote support.


  • Basic Remote Support:  This is for the occasional situation that requires us to go into your computer remotely with secure software and correct your issue and then remove the software when the job is done, or leave it on there if you prefer.  There is no contract with this option and all services are billed on a simple time/material basis.  This option is available with no contract.


  • Dedicated Support:  For small businesses who want to have us connect to their computers on a regular schedule via remote connection software to their computer to manage their systems, programs and basic troubleshooting needs.  This option is available by contract only and is fully customizable to your business needs.


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